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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  January 25, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PST

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\ >> protests in iraq turned deadly. five are killed in the city of fallujah. you are watching al jazeera live from doha. also making headlines, protesters gathered in egypt to mark the second anniversary of the revolution. police fight with protesters overnight. talking tough. north korea threatened to attack south korea because of u.n. sanctions. french forces stepped up their offensive against rebels in mali. we are on patrol with them in
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the north. plus, why young people in cuba are playing with the idea of making music their career. we are getting reports of iraq that least five protesters have been killed in scuffles between the army and worshippers near the city of fallujah. thousands have been protesting for more than a month against the prime minister's government. they say the government promotes sectarian policies that discriminate against them. the latest violence began after the police. -- block protesters from entering the city. >> which call upon the army -- we call upon the army affiliated with iraq. if it is only loyal to the muslim nation and only belongs to the good land of iraq, to open the way for the scholars and people to give in to the
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city. they are not allowed to get in right now. the army has to be loyal to iraq. >> let's take some live pictures coming in from fallujah. the crowds are still swelling. a lot of sunnis and happy and calling for the government to be dissolved and one more representative of the people to be formed. we will bring you the story as we get the details. let's continue with live pictures. this is coming from egypt. people are beginning to gather in tahrir square. a large turnout is expected in the next few hours. opposition groups are marking the second anniversary of the revolution. overnight, protesters fought with police in and around tahrir square. dozens were injured in the fighting. anti-government groups are demanding faster reforms. mike is in the egyptian capital
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of cairo and joins us. how is the turnout so far for the protest? >> there are crouse in the tahrir square. there have been several minor clashes in the streets surrounding the square, streets leading to the interior ministry, which have been barricaded after a minor skirmishes between protestors and police. this is as much a demonstration as it is a celebration of the second anniversary of the revolution. gathering here are opposition groups largely opposed to a government they believe is not serving their interests or the revolution. the dominant political force has called on its followers to stay away from tahrir square, to carry out acts of civic responsibility like planting trees or giving food to the
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poor. this is indicative of how divided egypt remains two years on. the commemoration of the revolution being marked by one set of the population while another sector of the population is tearing out festivities elsewhere. >> harkin just to make -- i can just about make out the chant behind you. people want the government to downfall. what is it the opposition is unhappy about? how much support do they have? >> out there have been -- there have been electra processes, parliamentary elections, there have been referendums. most recently, there has been a referendum on the constitution. it was passed by the majority of
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those who went in voted. the opposition are adamant the constitution was ramrodded through by the government dominated by the muslim brotherhood. they insist the constitution favors the muslim brotherhood and the religion on which is based. the opposition will have an opportunity in another election happening within a matter of months. the demonstrators are making it clear they are not satisfied with the way the country is transforming. they are not convinced the government is acting in their interests. at the same time, they cannot deny there has been an ongoing democratic process in which the bulk of the people who have voted have voted for the government in power. those opposed will have an opportunity and if you most
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about the polls again and try and get the government they want in power. >> thank you so much for updating us on the protest. let's bring in a few more pictures and sights and sounds from tahrir square. that is the nerve center of the revolution that overthrew the former dictator. it is different now. egyptian society has had quite a few democratic protests. some are protests in the new government formed after the revolution. an airplane carrying japanese survivors and bodies of some killed last week returned to tokyo. the aircraft was greeted with a solemn ceremony. the prime minister held a moment of silence for the victims and called for greater protection of citizens working in hostile
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conditions overseas. >> it is somber moment. most japanese victims of the siege make their final journey. the head of the company that employed workers confirmed the final death toll. 10 japanese citizens were killed when the siege ended. colleagues were on hand to pay their last respects. >> it was hard when i saw the bodies, so very hard. i was filled with deep sadness. some of those traveling with me saw the bodies and called out their names. others were just overwhelmed with grief. >> the new japanese prime minister held in a lot of silence for the dead at a meeting in tokyo. he called for new policies to prevent the sort of attack in the future. for measuresked wh
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protecting our nationals working on the front lines overseas. >> media reports in japan have quoted local witnesses as saying japanese nationals were specifically targeted. some were struck with bombs. there is no confirmation of that, but it poses a question. the security setup in place, it poses questions about that. the algerian government forces were stationed relatively nearby. with the increased threat from armed groups, that position might need to be reviewed. >> north korea is threatening south korea with physical auction if it does not stop supporting you in sanctions. the u.n. imposed sanctions on north korea after it launched the satellite in december. they say they will conduct a
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nuclear test and launch rockets. >> if the group of traders takes a direct part in the u.s. sanctions, we will take strong countermeasures against it. >> four north koreans who defected have appeared on state television. it is not clear why they returned to the north. >> the latest group of north korean defectors have come back willingly from south korea to the homeland. there were a family of three and a lone woman. they repudiated life in the country they left behind. >> south korea has no dignity of mankind. it is a rotten and diseased society with corruption and depravity. >> they say they were tricked into a traveling to the south -- into traveling to the south by chinese agent.
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>> the force our people to defect. it indicates they're not really defectors. they are victims of the south korean and he-north korean campaign. >> there was a terse confirmation the group had lived in south korea. >> it has been confirmed they are defectors. the investigation is going on to check how they returned to the north. >> this is the third time in seven months north korea has held a news conference like this. there is no doubt in the majority who defected struggle to live on the margins on alien society. there are concerns these double defectors have not chosen freely to go back. the latest cited the case in june saying they were inspired by the leniency she was shown. an investigation by the washington post last year heard from friends in south korea and were convinced threats to the well-being of her son still in
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north korea played into it. a man whose job was to help with korean defectors in the capitol and had access to a vast database of names and addresses. french jets are continuing to target rebel bases in northern mali. ground troops are preparing for a major assault. they are trying to push fighters went to al qaeda further north. >> we are with a contingent of french troops sent north with the mission of consolidating the northern front. they are patrolling in a general area, which cannot go into specifics for obvious reasons. the aim is to strengthen the control of this part of the territory, possibly as a proven
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to pushing north into territory still held by the rebels. the area is so strategic because it is close to the border. there has been concerned about the ability of the rebels to vanish over international borders. that has made it difficult to track them down in the past. it is strategic because they're close to the dividing line that marks the separation between government-held territory and rebel controlled territory. the french will be pushing forward consolidating the terrain as possible. to an offensive 3 >> thousands of crocus are still on the loose after escaping from a commercial farm in south africa. owners spent the night searching for the runways. the crocodiles got out on the gates on the dam were opened to ease pressure created are rising flood waters. people spotted them across the region including on a school
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sports field. that was 75 kilometers away. i think i would have preferred to deal with the water. they say talks with the government are accelerating. washed away by a tropical cyclone. dramatic rescue in australia. >> across europe, some places will have better with and others. appear, we saw snow and cold temperatures. in london, temperatures are finally coming up. will see a high of seven degrees. this will be an improvement. down here towards the balkans,
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rain has been going through. you will be seeing rain and snow. this will cause a big problem there. towards athens, it will be mostly cloudy with a lot of rain in the forecast prepared a high temperatures will reach 14 degrees prepar. flooding has been a major situation here over the last few days. we will see clearing. most of the clouds are toward the north. across mozambique, a lot of water standing across the region. 15,000 people have had to be evacuated. the river. the banks in south africa causing flooding. some of the roads are impassable. some of the bridges are out. this will cause a major problem. we do expect to see drier conditions over the next couple days. johannesburg will have a sunny day at 26.
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>> welcome back. let's recap headlines. and we're getting reports of iraqi at least five protesters have been killed and 40 wounded in scuffles between the army and worshippers near fallujah. the violence began after the police blocked anti-government protesters from entering the city. these are live pictures coming in as crowds gathered in tahrir square to mark the second anniversary of revolution. opposition groups are planning and an anti-government demonstration in the next few hours. north korea has threatened physical counter register against the south. is warning its neighbor against supporting harsher u.n. sanctions. there were imposed after north korea launched a satellite in december. at least six people have been
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killed after a fire swept through a slum in mumbai. about 200 were left homeless. it took over a dozen fire trucks question hours to put out the flames. -- four hours to put out the flames. the latest versions of two of the world's best selling video games will no longer be sold in pakistan. the top retailers have banned the sale of call of duty and the serioues medal of honor. they say it is portrayed pakistan as a failed state and has been unfairly linked to al qaeda. >> it opens with navy seals storming the docks of the port city. the mission is to destroy in black-market arms shipment. the plans go awry, sparking a chaotic car chase through the sprawling city amid warnings
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that pakistan's top intelligence agency is on its way. both games are first-person shooter games featuring realistic graphics. the players take on the persona of u.s. special forces agents and can play against other users to run the world. the games are not without controversy. both are extremely popular around the world, including in pakistan. retailers like this one have pulled the games of officials. top is because pakistan's electronic traders association ordered the board, of the gains after shopkeepers complained both unfairly depicted the country as a breeding ground for the excessive violence and where security forces of ties to al qaeda. >> they're basically anti- pakistan.
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the games are showing american troops and foreign slanting -- landing and attacking pakistani soldiers. we have decided in principle not to sell the games. >> some fans do not see what the fuss is about. mahomet is a regular player. he agrees the games do not portray pakistan in the best light. he does not agree with the band. >> it has been exaggerated. it is just a game at the end of today. it does not mean anything. it is just to have fun. >> the association says the boycott could be lifted if the makers alter the locations and change the story line. that is not likely to happen. thend 85% of all pakistan's games are pirated. that makes it unlikely because readers will take notice of the ban.
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>> police have stormed the depot to force employees back to work. they walked off the job eight days ago. anyone who refuses to go back to work could be fired or jailed for up to five years. in italy, 24-hour transport strike in rome has brought the city to a standstill. the first strike of the year by transport workers means commuters are forced to find other ways to get to work. they're frustrated by what they called inadequate work and pay commissions. the world economic forum is taking place right now in davos. >> in saw the results of dissatisfaction of the street level about unemployment and
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austerity measures. they are necessary according to angela merkel in her speech yesterday. this is the novels, the world economic forum. the masters of the universe around me. -- this is double isdavos, -- this is davis, the world economic forum. the talk is that the north has money and is feeling of the south. let's speak to the managing director of the european stability fund. is the glass half full or half empty? what has changed over 12 months if anything? >> a lot of things have changed. it has affected the move in davos. a year ago, skepticism about the euro. today, people are happy with what they see. things have improved. there are reasons for that. it is not just a mood swing.
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there are a least cordial good reasons -- four good reasons. the countries in the south have made real adjustments. exports are growing. the fiscal deficits are getting smaller. that is adjustment of the national level nationthat is necessary. we have much tougher rules on how to coordinate our government policies. there was criticism about the design of the union in europe that monetary policies are the centralized. achilleas if we have coordination. that is better now that used to be. -- that can only work if we have coordination. that is much better now the is to be paid capital has gone up for most banks. we're supporting countries through the imf. there is restructuring in greece
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and portugal. we have a special program in spain. we have closed some situational gaps in the design of the union. we created the bailout fund. they are doing more things about omt. we work together. ecb provides money if needed. these are the four points to explain the strong improvement in sentiment. >> strong improvement in sentiment from you. but this is not generally felt across davos. has been a lot of criticism -- there has been a lot of criticism about the bailout. >> i do not think that is the majority view. the mainstream view is the strategy is working with these elements. most people focus a lot the ecb has promised to do -- most
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people focus on what the ecb has promised to do. it has to be there as a credible possibility in case of need, but it has not been activated. the countries are able to tap the markets again. spain, portugal, and ireland have been in the markets in the last few days very successfully. non-domestic investors are coming back. they left last year. they're coming back because the adjustment is happening. >the glass is more than half full. >> thank you very much. we will be back later talking to the egyptian prime minister. stay with us for that. >> thank you. the australian government is warning its citizens not to travel to syria. it is estimated there are up to 300 australians in the country.
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the conflict is being played out close to home. >> it is late night in suburban millburn. the car pulls up. the man jumps out and throws a firebomb into a car yard. it is provoking protest government syrians in australia. >> they come to my house. they tried to shoot me. my neighbors saw the night. he was screaming in the run away. >> there have been attacks back- and-forth. this community center was fired on last year because it was associated with them. australia's are traveling to syria. some are not coming back. -- australian are traveling to syria. some are not coming back. her brother was killed by sniper last year. she has already been to syria to find out what iran.
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next month, she will go back with a for refugees. >> i will take the risk. >> the australian government worries up to 300 citizens are there to fight. >> there are reports some australians may have looked up with the extremist elements in the region and may be adopting the ideology and politics of these groups and have potentially been trained in a combat situation by these groups. >> in 2009, police exposed a plot to blow up the sydney army barracks where australians who learned skills fighting in somalia. the government does not want anything similar starting in syria. it has made it clear and the australians fighting there will be breaking australian law. he says his trip was humanitarian. he also met with the rebels and
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made videos of the fighting. >> being on the front lines, it is scary. i held a gun in syria. it does not mean i was fighting. it was just a show and tell. i held it but i did not fight. >> the serious civil war does not get much attention from australia's. the ripples are being felt here, the echo of the conflict is being played on australian streets. australian security forces are concerned reform conflict could lead to a domestic attack. andrew thomas, al jazeera, sydney. >> in cuba, music is the heartbeat of the nation. it signifies the past. many young people are using it as a means to a brighter future. we have this report from havana. >> cubans say music is part of their soul. that is why they came all the way to havana to study it.
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way to havana to study it.
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